Django 5.0 alpha 1 released

Django 5.0 alpha 1 has been released, marking the first stage in the 5.0 release cycle. This alpha release provides an opportunity for developers to try out the new features and changes coming in Django 5.0.

Some of the highlights of Django 5.0 include a new pattern matching syntax, a new exception handling syntax, a new type hinting system, a new concurrent futures API, and a new math library.

The release also includes a number of other improvements, such as improved performance for many common operations, better support for high-resolution displays, and improved accessibility for users with disabilities.

Django 5.0 alpha 1 is available for download from the Django website or on PyPI. The release is not recommended for production use, but developers are encouraged to try it out and report any bugs they find.

The Django team is planning to release a beta version of Django 5.0 in about a month, followed by a release candidate about a month later. The final release of Django 5.0 is expected to be available in early 2024.